Nestled in the serene landscape of the Texas Hill Country, Hill Country Spirits is a distinguished craft spirits distiller, deeply rooted in the authentic spirit of Texas culture. Our dedication to crafting exceptional spirits is driven by a profound commitment to using only the finest Texas-grown agriculture. At the heart of our unique product line is the Texas Prickly Pear Clear, a signature spirit meticulously distilled from prickly pear cacti, hand-harvested from the rugged ranches dotting the Hill Country.

Our distillery is a proud testament to our Texas heritage, owned and operated by native Texans who embody the robust spirit and enduring values of the Lone Star State. Each bottle from our distillery is a tribute to Texas, from the Jalapeño Blaze Clear, capturing
the fiery spirit of the region, to the Texas Gin, a harmonious blend of traditional and local botanicals. The Texas Coffee Dulce Liqueur offers a sumptuous taste of Texas, marrying rich coffee notes with a sweet, smooth finish.

At Hill Country Spirits, we’re more than just a distillery; we’re a celebration of Texas, its land, its people, and its spirited culture. Join us in savoring the true essence of Texas with every sip.

Meet The Owners:

At the helm are two dynamic couples, true Texans through and through, whose passion and expertise have given birth to this unique venture. John Rivenburgh and Kelly Hegemier, partners in life and business, are renowned Texas wine leaders and innovators. John brings a decade’s worth of distillation consulting experience, and their knack for building 100% Texas brands is unmatched. Their journey into the world of spirits was driven by the thrill of creating something truly Texan and exceptional.

Joining them are Steve and Melissa Cone, native Texans and seasoned entrepreneurs with a diverse portfolio of successful ventures. Their entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a deep love for Texas and an exquisite taste in craft spirits, makes them the perfect partners in this endeavor.

Together, these two couples create a remarkable balance of industry knowledge and proven business acumen, setting the stage for a distillery that’s as authentically Texan as it gets. Their shared vision and commitment to excellence ensure that every bottle from our distillery is not just a drink, but a celebration of Texas itself.

Hill Country Spirits
3600 Fredericksburg Rd
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